Sunday, July 19, 2015

letting go

as i am loving life more and more i am letting my resistance go - what is the need.

i am thinking of an ocean of love, surrounding us, loving us, being us. the waves come - what i am interested in though is just being, feeling, living, loving. as i am listening to the waves, although there is no sound to listen, i am just drawn to love and life and always just be. what a trip.

i am now letting go of me. what is though that is has always been and always will be. i just serve as the vessel to write the poetry that comes out of me, not knowing who is me, not caring even. what a trip.

does anything matter? who cares? wondering is what keeps me outside the ocean in the first place. and my dearest dearest wish is to bathe and be and just enjoy. i have just a dot left before i am just it - enjoying it seems so important though.

today me I was writing "oh I just want to be the bliss - now, always, forever, past present future merging. so beautiful. with a blessing and a love and a poem of the ocean i am sending you love through time and space and mostly just joining the intention of all love, always love, forever love, has been love, will be love, nothing but love, love :) oh i am starting to love not making sense. "

it was amazing to realize the humor of the situation. the funniness of it all. the incredible joy and bliss i feel that is leaving me with every sentence i write. oh i want it back. i want the love to be me, i want to be love, i want to just be. i want all i want nothing i want life i want death i want God i want peace i just want - as i am letting go of the wanting then i am

can i be there always? no resistance, just love, just bliss, just God, just me, just you, just all, just nothing, just be, just...

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ΣΟΦΙΑ said...

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