Thursday, December 24, 2015


gratitude is such an amazing feeling. these days i go around looking around me and realizing how amazing my life is. the more i love every part of it, the more i love everything. gratitude attracts gratitude

Sunday, October 25, 2015

question - how to make sure you made the right decision

sometimes making a decision is a problem for smart people.  the confusion is the separation of the heart and the brain/mind. it may be good for you to start distinguishing between what your intuition tells you (your heart) and what your mind tells you. if you follow your heart you will find happiness and success

first *breathe*
then close your eyes
then put your hand in your heart and listen to your heart beat
when you find yourself relaxing then ask the question
listen to your heart beat
if it changes then ask again... is this good for me?
your body will override your mind
but you have to listen carefully because right now your mind is cloudy
the body never lies
the mind lies most of the time for its own purposes smile emoticon
reasoning is lying in fact... use your intuition
and remember there are no wrong decisions so you cannot be wrong
you will be guided towards your life purpose anyway
take your time - i don't know what decision you are making but it is not a decision that has to be taken in 2 minutes
then once you are sure clear away the other decision etc... then again sit with it and imagine your life and start visualizing what it would be like - then you will know if it is the right fit for your dreams
do this as many times as you need to feel comfortable that you made the right decision

Friday, October 23, 2015

question - my life is good but why do i feel restless and worried?

how about shifting the focus? instead of fear ask yourself: what would be the next challenge to conquer. So your drama hook is satisfied as you are also able to navigate life. your questions are very human questions. when is enough enough and how do we *guarantee* anything? In the Buddhist path I was reading the teachings (for my phD) and the first Noble Truth is that life is suffering. I paused to think about this. And I realized that it is the nature of life to have ups and downs. so when times are good just know that there might be other times that may not be so good. one trick that has been working for me is to focus my worry into a creation rather than in maintaining what I already have. Life is a work in progress.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

does the advice of a psychic determines our destiny?

Well since I was a little kid I could read palms so I did - I used to think that the lines of the hand tell us our destiny. Guess what? i have changed my lines successfully! Many times. 

The first time I realized that change was possible in other people too in that way was through a woman. She came to ask me about whether she should stay with her bf. I saw imminent death and I told her "get out now". She actually listened to me. A couple of years later she asked me to read her hands again and I saw a brand new life line and I had of course forgotten the incident. So I told her that I admire her greatly because she created a brand new life for herself! It is then that she told me that a month after I read her palms her boyfriend overdosed (they found his body days later) and that if she had not left him this would have been her as well! I changed completely how I talk to people - I let them know that everything just everything is a choice. 

What we see as psychics is a possibility, an eventuality that people bring to reality through their choices. So yes a psychic can see something but it is your choice whether you want to bring it to reality or not.   What is even more strange? I can change other people's lines simply by touching them?! I would tell them a possibility and then they tell me that their palm would hurt for a few days as the new line is growing. I hope that explains to you that you can use a psychic's advice as an advice of what your karma held - the rest is up to you. what you do with your life is up to you! love love love

Saturday, October 10, 2015

what is a clearing and why do we need it?

A Simple explanation is that "like attracts like" and a Clearing Allows someone to Attract their true Essence as opposed to a Build-up of what You Can Call "Splat bug" in the Road of Life. (We all have it. We all get some garbage every day. This is the nature of life) The more we clear the truer our "vibration" is. So when we go around life we shine and attract what is our true essence and ultimately our life purpose. This also has the benefit of making us truly happy. 

Another way to think about it: Imagine that you are carrying around your garbage bag wherever you go. It is not pretty, it smells bad and it is probably going to attracts rodents, insects, bacteria etc...  (we call it bad people, users, abusers, selfish people, situations and events that are not aligned with what we want etc..) But we are used to this garbage bag because we have it every day and it is a part of us. "This is MINE." A clearing usually would "show you" your garbage bag (gaining awareness) and it will also allow you to clear it (sometimes by letting it go completely "I don't need this kind of garbage in my life!" or at least getting rid of the most smelly pieces in the garbage collection bag.) The funny thing is that people get so attached to their garbage that they might even get aggressive when someone tries to remove it, or get sick, or whatever. This is why we say "fill the space with light" so we do not miss the garbage and pickup something else to replace it in the bag of garbage. The more light we have the less garbage we carry because we see it and once we see it we are smart enough to not want to carry it around anymore... The reason we need the clearing is because well... we cannot always see our garbage. it is carefully hidden away from sight. The problem is the it is always there and it follows us around. People see us and step away because we "smell" bad and we have no idea why we are not attracting the people we want in our lives. 

One thing I would like to stress is that we are not bad people or that we are not flawed or broken in any way. We are just people who are committed to improving our lives and the world and we want to do it without having the load of the garbage bag we carry around. This garbage bag is useful. It allows us to navigate through life fast. We don't always have the time to process things as they happen. This is why for example a daily meditation or spiritual practice helps because it allows us to clear the daily garbage and replace it with light. Also there is some we collected early on in life (especially as we were growing up) and we were too little to even process it with our rational mind. Trauma is also a great way to collect a huge pile of garbage. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

today this is a very relevant message for me - i have been feeling that i gave up everything to pursue this spiritual path and it has been hard, unnerving, and i feel like i am failing. in reality i am just making a path that no one made before, "my path" and that path is a difficult one to day i will look back though and i will have made it - doing exactly what i love, and helping people in need.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

good karma versus bad karma

This is a post that I am sure may sound strange - but i have been operating my whole life assuming that I had terrible karma before - thus my life was horrific this time around - and my job was to help everyone I came in contact with. yesterday a woman who for a few days has only been helping me and being kind to me offered me a gift. She told me "Maria I think you were my mother in another lifetime and this lifetime I want to express gratitude to you for what you have done for me...." I was shocked. All my life people tell me that I have mother energy and for the first time in my life someone wanted to express gratitude. what an amazing woman... and also what an amazing feeling. I realized that for months now people have been expressing gratitude to me and appreciation and good feelings and I have only been hiding by myself - what if all these people have been trying to give me the same message. What if I need to do nothing to help and I deserve to be loved just for being myself?

I grew up in an environment where I was abused. I have believed that I deserve nothing and I have believed that I can only be bad. I also believed that it is only by serving others that maybe I deserve to be loved. which really translates to "I don't deserve to be loved". After all these years I realize that maybe I deserve to be loved. Maybe I deserve to be accepted and loved. What a beautiful realization. It is still new to me, this beautiful feeling of deserving love....

thank you beautiful friend for your kind words