Sunday, October 18, 2015

does the advice of a psychic determines our destiny?

Well since I was a little kid I could read palms so I did - I used to think that the lines of the hand tell us our destiny. Guess what? i have changed my lines successfully! Many times. 

The first time I realized that change was possible in other people too in that way was through a woman. She came to ask me about whether she should stay with her bf. I saw imminent death and I told her "get out now". She actually listened to me. A couple of years later she asked me to read her hands again and I saw a brand new life line and I had of course forgotten the incident. So I told her that I admire her greatly because she created a brand new life for herself! It is then that she told me that a month after I read her palms her boyfriend overdosed (they found his body days later) and that if she had not left him this would have been her as well! I changed completely how I talk to people - I let them know that everything just everything is a choice. 

What we see as psychics is a possibility, an eventuality that people bring to reality through their choices. So yes a psychic can see something but it is your choice whether you want to bring it to reality or not.   What is even more strange? I can change other people's lines simply by touching them?! I would tell them a possibility and then they tell me that their palm would hurt for a few days as the new line is growing. I hope that explains to you that you can use a psychic's advice as an advice of what your karma held - the rest is up to you. what you do with your life is up to you! love love love

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