Sunday, October 25, 2015

question - how to make sure you made the right decision

sometimes making a decision is a problem for smart people.  the confusion is the separation of the heart and the brain/mind. it may be good for you to start distinguishing between what your intuition tells you (your heart) and what your mind tells you. if you follow your heart you will find happiness and success

first *breathe*
then close your eyes
then put your hand in your heart and listen to your heart beat
when you find yourself relaxing then ask the question
listen to your heart beat
if it changes then ask again... is this good for me?
your body will override your mind
but you have to listen carefully because right now your mind is cloudy
the body never lies
the mind lies most of the time for its own purposes smile emoticon
reasoning is lying in fact... use your intuition
and remember there are no wrong decisions so you cannot be wrong
you will be guided towards your life purpose anyway
take your time - i don't know what decision you are making but it is not a decision that has to be taken in 2 minutes
then once you are sure clear away the other decision etc... then again sit with it and imagine your life and start visualizing what it would be like - then you will know if it is the right fit for your dreams
do this as many times as you need to feel comfortable that you made the right decision

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