Sunday, August 23, 2015

a little about healing

today is my first attempt to write a little about healing - i am writing a book about it now

more and more i have been feeling that healing is about healing ourselves. i used to feel the pain in others and i would run away literally - i thought they were hurting me. then years ago someone told me that they are just showing me where they need love and i can heal them that way. i started by healing them - touching that part of them that hurts and helping them this way. then i realized that the only reason i can feel it is because their pain resonates with me. so i started simply praying for them and touching myself in that spot effectively healing myself. today a friend who came for a healing surprised me by asking me for more healing and asking me to touch his heart because it made him feel so much better. then i realized that no matter what touch is healing. no matter what loving is healing. no matter what we are all one and the more we affirm that by being together the more we are likely to heal each other and humanity. so this is dedicated to love and to healing.

love love love

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