Sunday, August 23, 2015

What is mine and what is not mine?

I came back from Bali a few days ago and since then I have been struggling with adapting to the life in Thailand again. I have been avoiding people and barely exercising because I felt a lot of pressure adapting to the new lifestyle. I realize that the key is to differentiate what is mine and what is not mine.
so let me take notice. *I* am fine. I have been fine since I arrived. I have been simply adjusting to a new environment. More and more I realize that a new environment is a drastic change and is almost challenging physically for me. So I made the conscious decision to start separating things one by one. What is mine? what is not mine?
I realize that the weather is not mine. It is a lot hotter in Bangkok than it is in Bali. So adjusting to the weather is an important part of adapting to the new environment. Let me be positive. What do I like about the weather? I really like the fact that I can go out in my balcony early in the morning wearing a T-shirt and it is hot enough for me to simply sit there and enjoy the early morning quiet.
I realize that the other people are not me. I see the people around me a lot more stressed than I am. Well there is no reason for me to absorb their stress. What I can do is to look at them and stay where I am. And they will come to me when they need me. My friend this morning came to see me because he had a pain in his chest. My other friend came to see me because he wanted to give me a gift he brought from his home land. Overall a great morning.
I realize that the food is not mine. I cannot change the way people eat here. I can make healthy food choices despite the fact that there is sugar everywhere. A few days ago I got very sick because of sugar. So I decided to make an effort to avoid sugar now. And it is making me feel much better about myself. :)
I realize that what is mine is a very small portion. I am spending time with myself and in quiet and i am really enjoying this time. what a wonderful time it is now that i am making sure to stay alone. I am happy I am able to distinguish what is mine and what is not mine. i like it as an exercise too!

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